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Welcome to our AbleCommerce modifications and customizations page. has been working on AbleCommerce stores since 2000. We have done just about every modification that can be asked of for an AbleCommerce store, far too many to list here. No customization is too small or too large for our team. One of our philosophies we operate by when working on your site is that we want you to be in control of your website. Time after time we get new customers who have existing stores that tell us the stories about how they got their store modified by some company and now they can’t make changes. At we don’t operate that way. When we get done modifying your site we want you to be able to make the changes you need when you need to. We are experts at automating routine tasks such as daily order exports to pull into shipping or accounting systems, updating product prices automatically, synchronizing data between two stores and many more. We also have done many custom layouts utilizing AbleCommerce custom fields on product pages and others. We can do just about anything you would want an ecommerce site to do with AbleCommerce.

Below are a list of different modifications that we have performed on other clients stores. Please feel free to contact us to see some of the modifications we have listed and to discuss what we can do for your store. Click Here to send a request for customizations. We look forward to hearing from you.


Description : Created one-page and two-page checkouts for customers that combined the Basket, Billing, Shipping, Payment methods in one page. This has resulted in significant increase in sales for companies that needed to reduce the time spent on checkout. Also, increases the conversion ratio of add-to-cart to checkout.

Quote Request

Description : Customers can select items and add to cart. The price is not made available. And in lieu of online checkout can submit for a quote request. Once the customer gets the quote (via email or phone), can complete an order via the same medium. This feature does not utilize the wishlist option as that requires a login

Checkout process - Order Review page

Description :Normal AbleCommerce flow does not provide an Order Review page before completing a purchase. This customization adds a review page that shows the basket items, billing and shipping address and payment information. All the above are editable and once customer hits Confirm, the purchase is completed. This provides an option to check all changes before confirming purchase.

Terms and Conditions on Basket page

AbleCommerce Version : 5.5 - CodeBehind

Description :This customization allows a "Accept Terms and Conditions" on the basket page that forces customers to accept the company Terms and Conditions before proceeding. The actual Terms are provided as a hyperlink that shows up a pop-up window.

Custom quote feature

Description :The client sells custom embroidery, screen printing on clothing and apparel. The custom quote features allows customers to select the product to customize, add text or upload images for printing, along with required contact info and submit for a quote. This makes the backend purchase go quicker once the customer agrees to the quote.

Home Page - Specials

Description :This customization allows the customer to select products to display on the home page and are allowed up to 4 products to showcase

Shipping modifications

Description :This extensive customization to the AbleCommerce shipping page allows the client - at a product level - to specify Additional Handling Fee, Free Freight, Not Eligible For Freight, Flat Shipping Fee. Also, a different set of shipping options if the order total exceeds certain fixed amount or if the basket items are from mixed categories. All the settings were managed via Able admin using AbleCommerce Custom Fields options for product and it has significantly cut the client's time and effort in calculating shipping cost for each order at the backend.

AutoShip Items

Description :This extensive customization allowed the following : customer can come to the site and order and item and - optionally - select the item to be autoshipped at a set interval (monthly, quarterly, etc). A separate backend WebService (and wrapper windows application running on a daily fixed schedule) will then process daily the orders that need to be autoshipped that day, and proceed to add the items to the customer's basket, set shipping methods and - using previous payment methods that are stored securely - complete the checkout and generate an order. Automatic error and fail-safe mechanisms allow logging those that fail to complete the order successfully and can be processed the next day.
This has significantly reduced the client's time and effort in processing daily autoship orders manually.

Custom Export of AbleCommerce Data for backoffice processing

Description :The standard AbleCommerce export of data is not sufficient for most of backend order processing systems like GreatPlains, etc. We have extensively customize the exported data to fit several backoffice programs. The export of the data is either made available through AbleCommerce administration itself as another Export option to be run manually or has been deployed as a Windows application to run on fixed schedules and export data to third-party FTP locations to be processed. The exported data can be XML, Pipe or Comma separated or fixed width.

Custom Export of data for third-party fulfillment company

Description :This customization provides, on a weekly basis, an export of all orders on the client's site to a third-party subscription fulfillment company to process the magazine subscription requests. The data is fixed width and presented as four different files based on subscription type.

Froogle - automated

Description :This customization allows the automatic generation of Froogle feed (same as AbleCommerce does manually) on fixed weekly schedule and upload to Froogle's FTP site.

Customizing product pages

Description :The AbleCommerce product page has been extensively customized for various customers to include display of additional thumbnail and enlarged pictures, display the Options of the product as a matrix rather than usual AbleCommerce dropdown display, display color selections with actual color images by customizing AbleCommerce Product Options, and MORE!!

Multiple Store - syncing products

Description :This customization to AbleCommerce admin allows the client to designate the retail store as a master catalog for products and allows selecting certain products to be synced to Wholesale site. The price, and other product attributes also get carried over. The modification has provided significant savings on time and effort in creating the same products on wholesale side of the store.

Custom Reports in Able Admin

Description :Provided additional reports in AbleCommerce admin for analyzing abandoned baskets, top sellers in products, etc

Integration of AbleCommerce store with a static site or third-party store

Description :Clients who have static sites with products without an eCommerce store at backend were easily integrated with an AbleCommerce store at the backend. The integration allowed easy transition from the product pages on the static site to the basket page on the AbleCommerce storefront and proceed to checkout. The static site can be on the same domain as the storefront or on a different domain. AbleCommerce' flexibility allows easy integration at all levels.

Custom Landing pages with same-page checkout

Description : Combine AbleCommerce product/category page and all checkout pages to create a custom Landing page that has product description, billing and shipping address, and payment option. Customer can thus do the entire checkout in one page. Additional feature was the option to allow the same product to be purchased as a gift to be shipped to a different address.

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